Saturday, February 12, 2011

Two more WIPs.

This piece is called Spring in the Village by Stoneycreek. The pattern originally called for 28 count Jobelan over 2 threads. I decided to work on an even weave material, 28 ct over one. I like the look and of course it won't end up as large. Here is a close up of the piece.

Thanks to my daughter, Amy, for taking these pictures.

The next project is called Quaker Sampling III by With my Needle. It is worked on 28 ct. Ivory Lugana, over one. The threads are Cranberry Belle Soie - silk thread by Crescent Colours. I using only 1 ply. I also changed this so that the alphabet goes across the top and bottom instead of just the top. I wanted more of a square size instead of a larger oblong size. I am just beginning to make changes to projects. I guess I'm getting a little more creative. Follow along with my progress. Thanks for checking in.


  1. BEAUTIFUL! I love the attention to detail. Stunning work.

  2. I love evenweave. You must still have good eyes!

  3. I take advantage of Ott light and magnification.

  4. Oh - I just love your Quaker Sampling lll - It is too beautiful - I love the color & the design !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Cindy

    Thank you for your sweet note on my blog.

    Love seeing your collection of fiesta ware, your crafty items, and also your Quaker Sampling III. I hope when you're finished you'll send me a photo to post on my blog.