Monday, February 13, 2012

Another addiction

Okay, I admit it. I have managed to combine all of my addictions by getting hooked onto blogging. I am following bloggers interested in stitching, vintage crafts and decorating, collecting and antiquing. I have enjoyed getting new ideas and following some really creative people.

I want to thank everyone who is sharing their ideas and creativity on their blogs.

I also want to wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day.

Have a wonderful day.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

WIP Update

Hello, I hope everyone is having fun stitching and spending time with your family and friends. These are certainly two of my favorite things to do.

I wanted to post an update on my Works in Progress. I just posted two small projects that I just finished, but I have some others that I am currently working on. I recently spent some time organizing my work room and found that I had more material than I thought I had. I was able to start some new projects using material that I already had. That is always a good thing!

This first project is for my nephew's wife, Michelle. She loves Halloween. This is a Pumpkin Farm bell pull. I wanted to have it done last October, but she should get it by next Halloween.

Here is a picture of the finished project.

And here is my progress so far. I'm almost done!


My next project is called Teensy Weensy by Keslyn's. I am working this on 28 count fabric with one strand of floss over one fabric thread. I chose my own fibers using Thread Gatherer and Weeks Dye Works Threads. Each motif is stitched with a different color of varigated fibers. This has been fun to work. There will be a total of 16 designs in the finished project.

My final project is a Needle Roll & Needle Case from JDW Designs. This is another project that I purchased at the Celebration of Needlework. The pieces were pre-sewn. (Yeah!) I have already stitched the Needle Case. I really like the colors in this project.

The Needle Roll is almost finished.

Have a wonderful week.

Keep Stitchin'


First 2012 Finishes

I have two finishes for 2012. The first finish is a project by Hinzeit called Charmed Shuttle: Blessings. The shuttle piece is made by Kay's Frames. I bought this project when I attended the Celebration of Needlework Show near St. Louis last fall. We took a bus tour there with stitchers from the Indianapolis area. We had a great time. Here is the link if you are interested in attending the 2012 Shows.

And here is my finish!

My next finished piece is a heart pincushion project by Country Stitches - With thy Needle & Thread. The project is called Love Bird Pincushion.  Here is their website:

I really liked their projects on the website.

Also included are instructions for a Needle Keep and a Sewing Box created from a Whitman's 3 oz. box of chocolates. I plan to do both of these projects too. 

This pincushion will be given to a very special friend of mine for Valentine's Day. I'll make another one for myself later.

I hope you all have a very wonderful Valentine's Day full of love and encouragement.

Keep Stitchin'.